HRINC Publications

HRINC Publications bring together all HRINC work that has been published or where we have worked jointly with our sister company BDLINK or other professional partners we have worked with.

A study on the impact of the global economic crises in the Cambodian Garment Sector – the impact and outcomes of the sector and how factory [...]
This study identifies the financial needs of MSME’s in Cambodia by sector and by provincial location.  The publication is over 100 pages, and has [...]
This pioneering study was the first ever energy efficiency project in Cambodia (results presented in the appendix) and has resulted in several [...]
A guide for government and stakeholders interested in embarking on a streamlining lining process to improve the impact and timing of government [...]
This landmark study, conducted by BDLINK, put Skills Issues on the table, at a political and ministerial level.   The impact of this study has been [...]
This study was the first every employer branding study conducted in Cambodia. A corporate social responsibility initiative being implemented again in [...]