It is time to reconsider how you engage and retain talent, and how much your employer brand resonates in the talent market. In a competitive and fast-growing Cambodia, companies are going through the toughest of times to attract and retain high skilled employees and loyal talent. Multicultural environments and social circumstances represent a challenge for HR managers to recruit highly qualified professionals and keep them within company lines before jumping to the competition.

Activating your Employer Brand:

Ultimately, as an HR or Management professional, your main objective is to minimize recruitment and employee turnover disruptions which impacts directly on your people’s cost.

HR has internal metrics to measure cost per hire, how many employees apply for each job, what functions are more difficult to hire, at what level turnover is critical, etc.

But sometimes your company will need the help from experts to take your Employer brand to the next level and access data to be able to compare your company’s Employer Branding with a broader sample.

HRINC provides data and consulting services to align your attraction and retention efforts with your business objectives.

Annual Employer Branding survey

HRINC has launched the first edition of Cambodia’s Annual Employer Branding Survey.

Our new Employer Branding report will help our clients to develop key employer branding strategies based on the following results:

  • What industries are preferred and what qualities makes Top Employers the most admired companies to work for, why they are perceived as such and their company attractiveness
  • Employee main drivers when selecting job offers, their retention and job switching behaviors, preferred job search channels, internal and external brand perceptions as well as the degree of workforce engagement.
  • Data insights will be presented by demographics (generational views, gender, location, industry breakdown, education levels, and current employment status).

Employer Branding Index: analysis of your brand efforts, measuring factors related to:

  • Brand awareness & attractiveness
  • Recruitment & candidate experience
  • Employee experience

Employer Branding review: your Employee Value proposition is at the core of your Employer Brand. We can measure how your former employees, current employees and an external sample of the talent pool say about their employment experience and what they perceive would be to work like in your company.

Please, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about our Employer Branding services and how your company can get involved to sponsor Annual Employer Branding survey