HRINC Consulting Practice: Understanding Organisation: Insights that drive bottom line performance & employee engagement.

We provide our clients with up-to-date market knowledge and technical expertise to plan, organize and implement effective human resource strategies, in business operations and at a policy level. We live where we work, we know intimately our environments. Our clients seek out our deep rooted understanding of the local environment and cultures we work in. Our more than a decade of experience in the region tracking compensation, HR and economic and social trends and working closely with industry and governments have made us thought leaders in the areas in human resources management and the broader social and economic environment. Leveraging the power and knowledge HRINC and her sister companies we:

  • Help policy makers and governments answer the tough questions and develop practical implementation strategies.
  • Help business make critical decisions on their biggest budget lines: The compensation, HR operations and Training budget lines. We ensure our clients keep abreast emerging trends – whether compensation, incentives, benefits, inflation, labour force demographics, education reviews or emerging industries.

Our strengths lie in our diverse multi-cultural team, bringing together HR expertise, research and business thinking.

Integrating our deep understanding of industries and market trends, we are able to tailor solutions to the unique and specific needs of each client. This is what makes HRINC Consulting unrivalled in forward thinking sustainable solutions and influencing at a policy level.

HRINC Consulting Practice Areas

We track trends that matter…

  • Annual Compensation Surveys – the only provider of annual compensation surveys in Cambodia
  • Annual benefits and HR Practises Surveys
  • Labour force Surveys
  • Supply and demand studies
  • Wages and minimum wages trends and their impact on the economy

We are experts and thought leaders in education, economic and labour force studies…

  • Education: Primary, Secondary, Higher Education and Technical Vocational Training
  • Employment reviews and studies
  • Supply and demand studies in skills and labour force
  • Feasibility studies for education and new investors
  • Labour force surveys
  • Worker tracking studies
  • Perception and opinion surveys and polls particularly in relation to investors’ perceptions and public opinion on new laws and regulations.
  • Industry turnover and retention trends
  • Monitoring and evaluation studies
  • Data analytics and managing volumes of data and making sense of it

We deliver on employee engagement and the bottom-line

  • HRINC HR audit
  • Compensation reviews and benchmarking
  • HR feasibility studies – market entry, HR budgeting and planning
  • Tailoring global policies to the local environment
  • Employee engagement reviews
  • Employee satisfaction reviews
  • Training needs analysis
  • Organisation structure reviews and job descriptions development

Our work is rooted in a deep understanding of the local environment and those who work in it. We track latest HR trends and developments ensuring that our clients are confident in the solutions we craft and decisions we take together.

Contact the consulting division on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit one of our offices Cambodia | Myanmar