What we do at HRINC is diverse and challenging. Regardless of the business division you will work in, there are common things you experience in your everyday work. You will come to:

  • Understand the economic and regulatory environment.

    Our work involves an intensive effort of meeting a wide range of people to understand what is happening and going to happen, within Cambodia and globally. We are all responsible for taking an interest in our economic environment and its diversification and developments. Through our understanding of the economic environment, we are better rounded, more globally aware, and better equipped to respond to the challenges and needs of our clients.

  • Understand business  and its intricacies.

    HRINC will provide you the opportunity to really understand business, whether profit, not-for-profit or public. We work with a wide range of industries and clients. At the end of the day, managing budgets, income and cashflow and resources are synonymous for any type of organisation. You will understand the heart of business and meet the people who are driving change and development at the highest levels.

  • Understand the people in business.

    Much of what organisations achieve is because of the people delivering, innovating and working on the ground. All our work is centred around the people in companies and organisations. You will come to understand how the expectations, the policies, the processes impact on the wellbeing and productivity of the people in the organisation – the productivity is what impacts the bottom-line, the profitability, the sustainability and the creation of new employment opportunities.

  • Meet the people and personalities who are leading change.

    All of our work requires us to function and operate at all levels of society. You will meet a diverse range of people from the unemployed, to the self-employed, the farmer, the entrepreneur, the school goer, the university goer, Business Executives, Senior Managers, CEO’s, Ambassadors, Government officials and personnel and the most prominent personalities in society. Your work will introduce you to new people, and people you thought you would never meet.

  • Work Across Borders.

    Our work is taking us across borders, not only from a communication perspective, but physically too. You will be required to work across borders, across provinces, across countries. You need to have the ability to travel and explore and bring back to others, the learnings and experiences you have received.

  • Become a leader.

    You will become a leader. This is expected of everyone. You were selected for those qualities we saw in you. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and management skills very early on in your career regardless of the division you are working in. Each position demands superior communication with a diverse range of clients and an ability to solve challenges and draw on your team around you.

  • Have a real impact.

    You are not only an employee at HRINC. You are totally responsible and accountable for success whether it’s for a client, a company, an employee or impacting policy. At HRINC, we believe that delivering services, means having an impact, for our clients, the economy and ourselves. Your success is determined by your contributions and impact in all that you do. We value initiative and innovation. We provide opportunities, flexibility and resources, to ensure that you succeed and are able to contribute.