We provide superior advisory and technical services to clients who are vested in the development and impact of human resources. We ensure that our clients have the market knowledge and the people they need to focus on their core business and make the right investment and business decisions.

From planning your investment and understanding the economic and human resource environment, to investment entry and workforce set-up, outsourcing operational processes and compliance, and identification of key resources: we are a trusted partner that you can rely on for the long term. We work where our clients work and ensure that we add value and a positive impact to your operations.

Passionate about bottom line results and keeping abreast change & development. Enthusiastic about the potential of people and their contributions. We help our clients align their business and people strategies through our deep rooted understanding of the environment, the economy, and workforce culture and business peculiarities.

All our services are designed around ensuring our clients are the most effective they can be in aligning their business and people strategies. Whether answering the hard questions on the biggest budget line, compensation & benefits, or ensuring an effective and seamless implementation of outsourcing services or finding those critical people or helping our clients develop their workforce – we ensure that people and business are aligned.

  • HRINC Consulting Practice: Data driven insights that drive employee engagement and bottom-line performance

    We provide our clients with up-to-date market knowledge and technical expertise to plan, organize and implement effective human resource strategies, in business and at a policy level. We help our clients make critical decisions on their biggest budget lines: The compensation, HR operations and Training budget lines. We help policy makers answer the tough questions and develop practical implementation strategies. We ensure our clients keep abreast emerging trends – whether compensation, incentives, benefits, inflation, labour force demographics, education reviews or emerging industries.

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  • HRINC Outsourcing Practice: Helping you focus on what matters most.
    We ensure our clients are up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations and help them to maintain compliance in an often complex environment. To ensure confidentiality and appropriate management and execution of non-core functions, our outsourcing division provides services to ensure our clients can focus on their core business activities. We implement processes that require a deep understanding of the environment and excellence in execution to mitigate business risks. These include, compliance services, employment contract management, payroll processes, medical claim back procedures, social security remittances, relocation services and regular updates on changes in the laws and regulations to our clients.

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  • HRINC Training and Professional Development: People. Productivity. Performance.

    We believe in investing in our workforces: building and up-skilling current workers and professionals with the skills, knowledge and workplace practices they need to perform better, and building talented new workforces for emerging industries and professions. We ensure that we bridge the industry and skills gap, with training programs that have a visible impact on the productivity and well being of the workforce and the bottom line of every enterprise we work with. We are leaders in the development of talent and building skills for tomorrow’s industries.

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  • HRINC Recruitment & Executive Search Practice: Great Jobs. Great People. Great Clients.

    Talent. Sourcing. People Access. Skills. Screening. Understanding the Cost of Employment and Risks associated with employment. These are the most critical elements of employment our clients value in the services we provide in Recruitment and Executive Search.

    We believe in building careers and building companies simultaneously and ensure that you have the right resources, at the right time. HRINC Recruitment services ensure superior executive search and selection services including workforce entry set up.

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