HRINC Outsourcing Practice: Understanding Business.

We transform the complex and administratively time consuming processes that carry business and management risk into smarter, faster and cost effective solutions, so that our clients can focus on what matters most.  Many of the world’s most reputable companies trust HRINC Outsourcing to manage their HR processes

HRINC Outsourcing division is passionate about business, processes and balances - we don't miss a dollar and are detailed and thorough in our implementation.  Working with clients across the Asia region, new investors into Cambodia and already existing establishments, we save our clients time and money, helping them manage and mitigate risks on the ground.

We pride ourselves in understanding the realities of doing business: - whether contracting, management, compliance, understanding practical implementation of laws, or having access to relevant laws. We do it right because we know how to do it and believe in doing it right.  We take the complexity of contracting, management, compliance and administration out of your daily routine and ensure that the risks of compliance and contracting are managed professionally and reduced to a minimum.

Leveraging all our business divisions, we have assisted a variety of clients internationally enter the market providing recruitment, salary and labour advice. Through our outsourcing division we assist in mitigating the risks of employment, management and administration.  Where our clients do not yet have a legally registered office or work on a project basis, we assist in managing staff, implementing compliance procedures and assisting with relevant government authorities to ensure that compliance is adhered too.

HRINC Tax, Audit and Compliance (TAC) services was established to formalise our taxation and payroll services with new laws and regulations coming into force. Our clients value the practical and thorough approach we take to ensuring they are compliant. HRINC TAC was created to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations that have been changing including expansion of service offering.

HRINC Outsourcing Practice areas

HRINC Outsourcing Services: We ensure you focus on the bottom line and we manage the time consuming complexities of administration

  • HRINC Employment Outsourcing
  • HRINC Payroll Outsourcing
  • HRINC Benefits and Expenses Management

HRINC Tax, Accounting, Audit and Compliance Services: We ensure we manage what matters to you

  • HRINC Compliance Audit
  • HRINC Compliance Management
  • HRINC Tax, Accounting & Audit services
  • HRINC Relocation Services

HRINC Workforce Solutions: We manage and provide workforce solutions that matter

  • HRINC Cleaner and Driver Services
  • HRINC Promotion and Sales Workforce Management
  • HRINC Warehouse and Logistics Management
  • HRINC Temporary Staffing Solutions

Contact the outsourcing division on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit one of our offices Cambodia | Myanmar