HRINC Garment & Footwear Compensation Survey is the most representative garment industry report in Cambodia representing approximately 100 thousand employees in the country in 117 factories in [...]
This study is an ADB flagship publication in which we were part of the team that authored the social: health, employment and education section. In particular BDLINK focused on employment and [...]
Several studies, conducted by BDLINK for The World Bank, such as: “Higher Education and Skills for the Labour Market in Cambodia” and “Higher Education and Vocational Training Study in [...]
A discussion to understand the cost of labour and the evolution of construction worker wages over the last five years (2007-2011). This study seeks to understand how the market wages of unskilled [...]
A study on the impact of the global economic crises in the Cambodian Garment Sector – the impact and outcomes of the sector and how factory managers addressed the situation.  The publication was [...]
This study identifies the financial needs of MSME’s in Cambodia by sector and by provincial location.  The publication is over 100 pages, and has resulted in the development of new financial [...]