HRINC Training Practice: Understanding people! .

We understand people in their environment and help our clients address their most concerning workforce development challenges. We link industry needs and skills development ensuring our programs have a real impact on the sustainability of business and the progression, flexibility and adaptability of people in their workplaces.

In 2011, our training division transformed into separate entity, The Society of Human Resource Management and Productivity (SHRM&P), allowing the team to spearhead innovation of training and development programs.

The HRM training division at SHRM&P remains true to its HRINC values and will expand its training programs into modular and short courses to intensify the outreach and impact of its superior training programs. The cutting edge training programmes provide employees and managers with the tools and knowledge they need, to develop as professionals, and contribute to organisation success!

HRINC Training Practice Areas

HRM & Soft skills Training

Our HRM Training programs are designed not only around Human Resources as a profession, but around the development of human resources (people), as managers. Our training programs include a list of soft skills and management development programs.

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Productivity Training

Improving workforce productivity and bottom line results through knowledge dissemination in the classroom and on-the-job implementation. The team is unrivalled in demonstrating real impact and real results. Besides improving the bottom-line and productivity of individuals and as a result their personal earnings, the improvement in workplace cooperation and team work is clearly visible after engagement with our productivity team.

The productivity team is focussed on delivering high quality training and consulting services to the manufacturing sector in particular. For more information on productivity improvement programs please visit

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