Nothing we achieve is through our own doing. There are many people that will help you be the best you can be. Central to how we do things is the foundation we have built around team work and mentoring in our office. This is clearly demonstrated in how our office is set up and how our work is structured. 

Team environment: We are a team based environment. We work closely together respecting the confidentiality measures in each client service we deliver. You will work with exceptionally talented and knowledgeable team members who will help you grow and challenge your abilities and thinking. 

Mentoring & coaching: You will be assigned a mentor who will coach you during your first 3 months while you find your feet and understand the business. Your mentor and coach will be a very important part of your life and career as someone who can help you grow, provide you with advice and counseling and personal advice.  You will receive regular feedback from colleagues and managers in the team providing you with continuous feedback as to what you need to do to develop further.

Training opportunities: Much of your training will initially be on-the-job. You will be provided training opportunities in speciality knowledge areas as well as skills development. HRINC also has a scholarship fund allowing for exceptional performers to pursue additional studies.

Project allocation and internal contribution: We believe in harnessing the innovation and creativity of our employees. Projects and client allocation is determined based on skills needs and opportunities needed to succeed and go to the next level.  It is important that employees are always challenged professionally and contributing beyond just work. You will contribute to company success in contributing to company developments and representing HRINC externally.