Our people come from the most diverse economic, professional and educational backgrounds. Knowledge, learning, passion, excellence, inquisitiveness and integrity are a common foundation we share.

We are a leader in consulting and HR service delivery working with the world’s largest research institutes, donors, companies and brands including Asia’s up and coming entrepreneurs. We believe in business that is profitable and sustainable: resilient to economic shocks and conscious about people and their personal development and success. We focus on the bottom line and how people and processes contribute to organisation success. We impact policy, bringing the challenges in business to the policy level, in a manner that resonates and ensures policies are developed to deliver for a better economic and investment environment.

Leaders in our own right: Leading by example: We believe in building the leaders of tomorrow – in our firm and with our clients. Identifying talent and creating opportunity to succeed are central to our success and those of our clients. We help others rise above their own expectations by sharing our knowledge and skills.

Think Big, Start Small: Every Client is important: Our people believe anything is possible as long as you have a dream and you are persistent in achieving it. Redefining our approach and being open to others ideas and critique is important. Remaining true to our values and ethics is what sets us apart in choosing who we work with and how we work with our clients. Every client engagement is an important one to us, because we believe that we will become long term partners.

A Long Term Partner: Passionate about Relationships: We are passionate about relationships and building them. We are an-extended specialized service and knowledge arm to our clients because we believe that to adapt and keep abreast a fast paced changing and global environment, we all need to leverage partners and resources that make a difference. We ensure our clients have the knowledge and resources to make decisions and revise strategies in line with local developments.

Investing in The Future: More than Just a Business: Our team truly cares about our environment and the people in it. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts demonstrate our passion beyond work helping us make a real difference in the countries we work in.